Friday, 31 January 2014

Introduction - Blog, do you even bro?

So who the hell am I?

I am 25 years old, without any previous blog or journal keeping experience and I'm currently living in a medium-sized (at least by Swedish proportions) city in central Sweden. I have never accomplished anything of note or been on any epic adventures and the only thing I'm a master of is procrastination. In other words, I'm a pretty much ordinary Swedish person.


The first time I caught a glimpse of the EvE Universe was through a video game magazine called PC Gamer. The article detailing the planning and execution of one of the biggest heists in mmo-history. My thoughts after reading this can in short be summarised into something like: "Internet Spaceships? Backstabbing?- Awesome! I have to play this!" So in 2006 I set out on my first EvE trial.

As a few days old trial newbie I met many helpful and friendly people, who I sadly cannot remember the names of, who were gracious enough to set me up with a couple of T1 frigates, and assorted fitting mods. However I did not subscribe. This was in part due to the high learning curve, in EvE sometimes referred to as the learning wall. and part me being in my early teens and my weekly allowance wasn´t high enough to pay the monthly subscription fee.

As the years went on I occasionally stumbled across articles, reviews and blogs about some of the events happening on the other side of the eve gate, and after embarking on another short trial during the Christmas holidays in 2009, just after  the Dominion expansion I stayed subscribed for a whole 8 months. 8 months during which I slowly climbed the learning wall, joined a small pirate corporation and had my first PvP encounters. I became a pirate, roaming low sec, camping gates, pillaging the space lanes while typing "yaarrr!!" in local as i moved through systems. It was however not to last. The corp I was in became inactive. I got bored and left the game.

Those were some good times though. damn good times!

My life went on, as it does and tends to do whenever you aren´t looking too carefully or are preoccupied elsewhere, and in 2011, while in college, I ran into a couple of guys that had just started to play this game called EvE Online together. So i created a new account to play with them. Not that i could remember my old account details anyway,though it would've been nice to at least get a hold of some leftover ISK on that character.

The return to EvE wasn´t as smooth as I'd hoped however. It´s like coming back home but everything has changed, hanging upside down or in the wrong place. At least the learning wall had started to take on a more curved-like appearance due to a more streamlined new-player experience.

This time though... I was hooked. Even after my collage mates quit, I kept on playing. When a corp became inactive, I applied to a new one. I Became a pirate again. I joined a terrible null sec alliance, got to see how not to pvp and honed my pvp abilities.

After which I joined a somewhat less terrible PvP alliance and sharpened my pvp abilities further and when the time came to move on, I was accepted into a very notable PvP Corporation, taking part in reviving a very old alliance... for the 4th,  or maybe 5th time, I can´t really keep track of it. Anyhow, It has been a lot of fun so far!

So what the hell is this blog about?

I´m glad you asked!
About 2 months ago, through the Power of Two deal kindly offered (or a smart marketing move) by CCP. I created a new character.

Meet Nobuyuki Sora, CEO of Ceaseless Harm solo PvP Project

And when I say solo PvP I mean true solo PvP.
Haha no, Really!
It´s no Joke!

I see many players that are afraid to undock without Links, far superior numbers and plenty of ECM and Logi-ships to kill one lone interceptor pilot.

The only two rules I have set for myself are: no links, and no backup.

In the spirit of solo PvPers such as Zao Amadues, Aldap, Clahim and Kil2, as well as the Bringing Solo Back project who and which has inspired me I here by open my own Solo PvP Project.

A project I hope will inspire, at least one or two other people, to do the same.

So welcome to Ceaseless Harm! Where I will most likely die hilariously and repeatedly in front of an audience.

~:Nobuyuki Sora:~

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