Sunday, 2 February 2014

Random Rant & PvP Skills Rant

My initial plan for Nobuyuki, before i decided to embark on this project, was to train him for long exploration voyages into nullsec. As my alt wormhole corporation became inactive and moved back into K-Space I needed a new source of income, and even with the increased competition for relic sites after the Odyssey expansion, the sites still pay off quite well once you learn how not to blow up the valuable cans.

The Idea was to have myself in a T3 scanning ship with the high slots full of energy neutralizers and my previous Wormhole resident in a cloaked combat ship to deal with any competitors for the sites. 

Honorable? No.
Effective? Oh Yes!
GTFO my sites! yarr!

But anywhoo, there might be more on killing off exploration competitors in a later post.

In light of me switching from exploration skill training to combat skill training, I realised, or rather, got reminded of one thing in particular. That there are ALOT of skills to train in EvE Online. As a player with an older character with most of the skills at lvl 5 it´s easy to forget (at least for me) the overwhelming amount of skills that actually exist.

So while I am in training camp, slowly learning the basic pvp ship skills. I´ve decided to compile a list of PvP skills to train, as well as reasons for training them as a reminder and training list to myself and perhaps younger pilots who may just be starting down the path of turning internet space ships into fireworks and happen to stumble upon this blog.

I'm going to divide the list into 3 categories. 

Core Fitting Skills to allow you greater freedom when fitting your ship as well as an increase in capacitor amount and capacitor regeneration for running active modules.

Core Combat Skills and Advanced Combat skills to enhance the manuvering, suvivability and damage dealing abilities of your internet space ships.

Core Fitting Skills

Core fitting skills are skills which increase the available Capacitor, Powergrid and CPU stats on your ship. Every module you fit on your ship uses some Powergrid and CPU, and almost all active modules drain your capacitor when activated, so if you are a new player I recommend that you get these to at least level 4 as soon as possible to open up a wider variety of options when fitting your ship.

☠ Power Grid Management 
     5% Bonus to ship's powergrid output per skill level.
☠ Electronics Upgrades 
     5% reduction of CPU needs for all modules requiring Electronics Upgrades per skill level.
☠ Energy Grid Uppgrades
     5% reduction in CPU needs of modules requiring Energy Grid Upgrades per skill level.
☠ Weapon Upgrades
     5% reduction per skill level in the CPU needs of weapon turrets, launchers and smartbombs.
CPU Management
     5% Bonus to ship CPU output per skill level.
☠ Capacitor Management
     5% bonus to capacitor capacity per skill level.
☠ Energy Systems Operation
     5% reduction in capacitor recharge time per skill level.
☠ Weapon Upgrades
     5% reduction per skill level in the CPU needs of weapon turrets, launchers and smartbombs.
☠ Advanced Weapon Upgrades
     Reduces the powergrid needs of weapon turrets and launchers by 2% per skill level.
     - Now to inject this last skill skill you will need Weapon Upgrades at level 5. 
       This skill is especially useful if you like fitting big guns to your ship.

Core Combat Skills & Advanced Combat Skills

If i have to choose one group of skills that I find to be more important than any other when it comes to PvP, whether it´s solo, small gang, or large gang fights, it´s navigation skills.

Navigation Skills

Training your navigation skills means that your ships will fly faster and be more agile, and if you are faster and more agile than your opponent, you can control the range of the engagement, and when you can control the range of the engagement, you control the fight. (Unless your opponents slingshot maneuver takes you by suprise) It also allows for easier disengagement if the fight turns out to be a bit more than you can chew.

This is especially important for kiting ships, but brawlers definitely benefit from these skills as well.

☠ Navigation
     5% bonus to sub-warp ship velocity per skill level.
☠ Evasive Manoeuvring
     5% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.
     5% reduction to Afterburner duration and 10% reduction in Afterburner capacitor use per skill            level.
Acceleration Control
     5% Bonus to Afterburner and MicroWarpdrive speed boost per skill level.
Evasive Maneuvering
     5% reduction in MicroWarpdrive capacitor usage per skill level.
☠ Fuel Conservation
     10% reduction in afterburner capacitor needs per skill level.
☠ Warp Drive Operation
     Each skill level reduces the capacitor need of initiating warp by 10%.

☠ Spaceship Command
     2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.
     - Not really a navigation skill persay, but trust me. You will thank me later.

Taking Damage

If you are a new player, I would recommend specializing into one type of tank to start with. It´s better to be on-par with one type of tanking than it is to be sub-par with both.

Shield Tanking

Shield modules require free mid-slots and as such frees up your low slots, allowing you to fit more damage and speed mods. Shield ships are usually fast with a high DPS output.

Using up mid-slots for your tank limits your ability to fit EWAR and tackle modules, which also use mid-slots, such as sensor damps, warp disruptors and stasis webifiers. Shield modules such as shield extenders aslo increases your signature radius slightly, making you an easier target to track and hit.

Skill Set

☠ Shield Management
     5% bonus to shield capacity per skill level.
☠ Shield Compensation
     2% less capacitor need for shield boosters per skill level.
☠ Shield Operation
     5% reduction in shield recharge time per skill level.
☠ Tactical Shield Manipulation
     Reduces the chance of damage penetrating the shield when it falls below 25% by 5% per skill              level, with 0% chance at level 5.
☠ Explosive Shield Compensation
     5% bonus to explosive resistance per level for Shield Amplifiers
☠ Kinetic Shield Compensation
     5% bonus to kinetic resistance per level for Shield Amplifiers
☠ Thermic Shield Compensation
     5% bonus to thermal resistance per level for Shield Amplifiers
☠ EM Shield Compensation
     5% bonus to EM resistance per level for Shield Amplifiers


Armor modules uses low-slots and frees up your mid-slots for plenty of EWAR, cap injection and tackle modules. If you go with an active armor tank without fitting large and cumbersome plates you are almost as fast, if not just as fast as a shield ship.

Taking up your low-slots and thus limits your ability to fit speed and damage increasing mods without sacrificing tank. 

Skill Set

☠ Armor Layering
     Grants a 5% reduction to armor plate mass penalty per level. This is really nice if you like to put        plates on your ships.
☠ Hull Upgrades
     Grants a 5% bonus to armor hit points per skill level.
☠ Mechanics
     5% bonus to structure hit points per skill level.
☠ Repair Systems
     5% reduction in repair systems duration per skill level.
☠ Explosive Armor Compensation
     5% bonus to explosive resistance per level for Armor Coatings and Energized Platings
☠ Kinetic Armor Compensation 
     5% bonus to kinetic resistance per level for Armor Coatings and Energized Platings
☠ Thermic Armor Compensation
     5% bonus to thermal resistance per level for Armor Coatings and Energized Platings
☠ EM Armor Compensation
     5% bonus to EM resistance per level for Armor Coatings and Energized Platings

Please Note That Shield and Armor Resist Compensation Skill Bonuses Only Apply To Passive Modules.

Eye For an Eye

Now that we know what skills help hold our ship together during a fight, let´s look at skills that help us beat up our opponents in equal measure.

So let´s take look at the different weapon systems.

Projectile Turrets 
The weapon of choice for most Minmatar pilots they come in two variants.
Short range Autocannons and Long Range Artillery.

The advantages of projectile turrets are that they don't require cap to fire, they can use any damage type desired and autocannons are easy to fit with low fitting requirements. Above that, autocannons have excellent tracking where artillery with incredibly poor trakcing instead do some incredible high alpha damage. Both autocannons and artillery has long accuracy falloffs.

To disadvantages i would count the somewhat low dps, short optimal range. High fitting requirements of artillery, and the 10 second reload time everytime you need to change damage type ammo.

Hybrid Turrets
Favoured by Gallente as well as quite a few Caldari ships they come in two variants.
Short Range Blasters and Long Range Railguns.

The advantages of blasters is undoubtedly their facemelting DPS and pretty good tracking, while railguns can hit targets from incredible ranges.

As disadvantages go, the short range of blasters is really short. Hybrid turrets are also limited to kinetic/thermal damage.

Energy Turrets
Lazoorz! Used by the majority of Amarr ship hulls and comes in two variants.
Short Range Pulse Lasers and Long Range Beam Lazers.

The advantages of using energy turrets are their guns long optimal ranges, rather high dps and pretty low ammo comsumtion. Another advantage of using Energy Turrets is that switching ammo happens instantly.

The Disadvantages are the high cap consumption of the laser turrets and pretty poor tracking. This weapon type is also limited to one damage type. Em/Thermal.

Though all races has missile ships available, missile use is mainly Associated with Caldari ships and comes in six variants.

Short Range: Rockets, Assault Missiles and Torpedoes.
Long Range: Light Missiles, Heavy Missiles and Cruise Missiles.

The advantages of missiles is the ability to project damage at range, theyc an also switch damage types at will and does not have to worry about tracking.

The disadvantages are somewhat low dps, long reload times as well as delayed damage. The missiles have to travel through space all the way to the target to deal damage. In fleet battles, missile volleys can be mitigated pretty much completely by a smartbomb firewall, destroying the missiles in flight.

Mainly associated with gallente ships, though most ships carry a drone bay.
Mostly used as a complimentary weapon on ship hulls that doesn´t have drone damage bonuses.

Subcapital drones comes in 3 variants.
Mobile short range combat drones
Stationary long and short range sentry drones
Electroic warfare/Utility drones

Advantages: selectable drone damage, ECM or utility type

As disadvantages go, combat drones need to travel to the target, resulting in slightly delayed damage, Drones can be targeted and destroyed. They also have fairly low damage output unless supported by other ship weapons on un-bonused hulls.

Universal Skills

Besides the skills for your weapon system of choice, there are some universal skills that boosts the performance of all weapons withing the weapon system skillgroup.

☠ Gunnery
     2% Bonus to weapon turrets' rate of fire per skill level.
☠ Rapid Firing
     4% bonus per skill level to weapon turret rate of fire.
☠ Sharpshooter
     5% bonus to weapon turret optimal range per skill level.
☠ Surgical Strike
     3% bonus per skill level to the damage of all weapon turrets.
☠ Trajectory Analysis
     5% bonus per skill level to weapon turret accuracy falloff.
Motion Prediction
     5% bonus per skill level to weapon turret tracking speeds
    - All that DPS is wasted if you can´t track your targets.
☠ Controlled Bursts
     5% reduction in capacitor need of weapon turrets per skill level
     - Controlled Bursts is only relevant if you use Energy or Hybrid turrets.

If you choose to train missiles as your primary source of dps, universal weapon boost skills are as follows.

☠ Guided Missile Precision
     5% decrease per level in factor of signature radius for all missile explosions.
     - Basically makes it easier to hit smaller targets.
☠ Missile Bombardment
    10% bonus to all missiles' maximum flight time per level.
Missile Launcher Operation
     2% Bonus to missile launcher rate of fire per skill level.
Missile Projection
     10% bonus to all missiles' maximum velocity per level.
☠ Rapid Launch
     3% bonus to missile launcher rate of fire per level.
☠ Target Navigation Prediction
     10% decrease per level in factor of target's velocity for all missiles.
☠ Warhead Upgrades
     2% bonus to all missile damage per skill level.

If you choose to train Drones as your primary source of dps, universal weapon boost skills are as follows.

☠ Drones
     Can operate 1 drone per skill level.
☠ Drone Durability
     5% bonus to drone shield, armor and hull hit points per level.
☠ Drone Interfacing
     20% bonus to drone damage and drone mining yield per level.
☠ Drone Navigation
     5% increase in drone max velocity per level.
Drone Sharpshooting
     Increases drone optimal range. (by 5% per level if i remember correctly.)
☠ Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing
     3,000m bonus drone control range per level.

Just as specializing in one type of tank first for newer players, choosing and specializing into one of theweapon systems will allow you to fight on-par with older players relatively quick.

Combat Boosters and Propulsion Jamming

I´d like to conclude this skill list with these amazing skills a pvper annot do without.
Skills you must have. I Believe the first one goes without saying, but I added it anyway.

☠ Propulsion Jamming
    5% Reduction to Warp Scrambler, Warp Disruptor, and Stasis Web capacitor need per skill level. 
Without this skill you can´t hold people down long enough to kill them, or slow them down enough to hit them. PvP will be nigh impossible.

☠ Thermodynamics
     Allows you to deliberately overheat a ship's modules in order to push them beyond their intended        limit. Also gives you the ability to frown in annoyance whenever you hear someone mention a              perpetual motion unit. Reduces heat damage by 5% per level.

Overheat errythiiin'!! the ability to overheat your modules for increased performance is a must. Just be careful not to burn your mods out before you´ve won the fight.

☠ Nanite Operation
     Skill at operating nanites. 5% reduction in nanite consumption per level.
☠ Nanite Interfacing
     Improved control of general-purpose repair nanites, usually deployed in a paste form. 20%                  increase in damaged module repair amount per second.

The above two skills will allow you to use nanite repair paste to repair modules damaged by overheating
while still in space. If however, you burned out a module completely, you have to dock up to repair and online it again.

☠ Biology
     20% Bonus to attribute booster duration per skill level.
☠ Cybernetics
     Allows the use of cybernetic implants.

The use of combat boosters like blue pill or exile as well as a set of cheap +3 damage implants can really win you a fight.

☠ Neurotoxin Control
     Proficiency at reducing the severity of the side effects experienced upon injection of combat                boosters.
☠ Neurotoxin Recovery
     Proficiency at biofeedback techniques intended to negate the side effects typically experienced            upon injection of combat boosters. 

Perhaps not necessary or even accesable at the beginnig of a pvp career. I think Neurotoxin control goes for a few hundred million currently. But when you start using the high grade combat boosters, these two skills are a must. Getting a nasty side effect to deal with in the middle of a fight is not very pleasant.

Anyway, this turned out to become quite a bit longer than I initailly anticipated. I guess that once you start tumbling down the rabbit hole you find more and more things to write about.

Now If I have forgotten something, or If there is something in particular you, the reader would like me to write about. Please let me know through the comment box below or Mail me in game and I'll make it fit in between what i´ve already planned.

Until next time.
Thank you for reading.

~:Nobuyuki Sora:~